Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Week To Date

This is in the bicycle blog because... I rode the bike to work on Wednesday!  I must have been quite a sight with my falling-down leg warmers.  And I really must hang a mirror at work because rather too late in the late I found my hair was quite mussed from changing into work clothes.  No one said a thing.

Today (Saturday) I did a little walk in the hills above the Santee Lakes.  There were a lot of caterpillars on the move.  Here is one:

(File size of linked image is 274KB)

This is where I turned around and headed back down.  You can see one of the Santee Lakes down there. Cell phone coverage went from three dots to zero while I was sitting there trying to update a geocaching log. Is it supposed to do that?

(File size of linked image is 404KB)

I found four caches today, one of which I had DNFed back in August.  I remember it was a VERY hot day...

I drove over to Barnes & Noble afterwards and bought eight books. For a hundred bucks.  And mostly paperbacks, too. Goodness! But they are all for the library and I shall be reimbursed.  A lady was looking for The Wind In The Willows (Kenneth Grahame (Who I always mix up with Graham Greene)), I told her I just bought it at work.  At the service counter another woman was looking for The Fault In Our Stars (John Green), and I helpfully told her I had a copy at home on my nightstand. Which I do and am enjoying reading it very much, but whether I shall put it out for the students is still up in the air.

And then I came home and, whoops, I forgot the clothes in the washer, wait a minute!

OK, there we go, they are in the dryer.

And I'm done here.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

On The Road

I had a query from a guy who is having trouble finding one of my geocaches so I decided to ride over and take some pictures of it for him, and so I did. I sent him five pictures progressively getting closer to the cache so that he can choose his level of spoiler. 

This one is picture #2.

I am becoming disenchanted with the center stand I put on the bike.  You can see it is completely useless in this instance.

I rode next to El Cajon where I looked for a cache for myself, because, really, why else would one GO to El Cajon?  Didn't find it, just as I didn't find it last time.

OK, ok, El Cajon has many reason to go there.  The very nice library, for one.  Also, Harbor Freight.  And the Yogurt Mill!!  And if you need a ticket while serving on jury duty, it's the place to go.

I seen this thing by the highway several times.  No one else seems to have noticed it.  What is it for? A red target for the chemtrail generators to navigate on?  Ha ha!

I don't see it on Google Streetview, for what it's worth.

View Larger Map

(Tried to center the Streetview, it just don't want to)

Runkeeper, an iPhone app, claims I rode 15.38 miles in 1 hour 17 minute 41 seconds, with an average speed of 7.84 miles per hour, and 746 consumed, and a total climb of 1,044 feet, which I have trouble believing, but what goes DOWN into The Box must come OUT, I guess.

The trusty bike trip-o-meter says 15.54 miles today.

Close enough.

I forgotted to mention, no knee pain today.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

It's A New Year

I am copypasting this from an email I sent my mother...

I just got back from geocaching around the south bay area.  I took the bike so I could cover more area.  Well, I didn't RIDE down there, I hauled the bicycle to three different locations and set out from those.  First was in Chula Vista, near the bay.  Next was still in Chula Vista, but a couple of miles up the Sweetwater river.  Next was in Imperial Beach. And lastly, in Eastlake.  Oh, that's four places.

I found three caches that I hadn't been able to find the first time I looked for them, plus some others.  I spent quite a bit of time on some of them, almost an hour at the first one.  It was very well camouflaged.

My knee starting hurt while biking, sometimes, but not while walking.  A stabbing pain in the front left.  I checked to see if anyone was poking me with a knitting needle, but no.

It was 47 degrees when I took off the morning, and it was pretty chilly down by the bay.  It has warmed up and now is 72 degrees outside in La Mesa.

Well, have a good week!
 So I rode ten miles today and found eleven caches, and didn't find two.

I calculate that I rode 246 miles this year, 2013, all told.  My least year by 64 miles.

Here's the pics!

Yup, there's a cache in there somewhere! I spent 45 minutes looking for this one! And not for the first time, either.  I been here before!

The tide is in!  Stood on the concrete ledge to get this view.

I walked across that trestle at high tide many years ago.  It was very scary!

I was standing on the ground holding the iPhone over my head for this one. Hence the fence.

Water water!  Those pointy things are supposed to keep the birds off, of course.

Those were from the bike path that goes around the Big Bay.

These are from the path along the Sweetwater River, on the south side. The side less traveled.

Heading east, back to the vehicle.

This might have been a really cool pic if the trolley had come by.  Intersection of the 5, the 54, and the trolley. And the Sweetwater River.

Down in Imperial Beach I found in 30 seconds a cache that Matt and I had searched for, oh, maybe 45 minutes, I bet. The luck of the bike, I guess.

The last cache of the day was another that eluded me some months ago. Also, I left my prized green Sharpie there, to the amusement of the next finder.  Today I found the cache, no problemo.  The interesting thing was someone, I betting a teen (boy, of course) from the nearby high school hauled a bench down here. Instant Party Spot!

I think I finally ran out of stuff to put here.  I am going to take a nap now!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day Six -- Thursday

I only rode about three miles on the bike today.  I was using the bike to visit various geocaches in the Eastlake area.  If I had only RIDDEN to Eastlake, instead of hauling the bike there.  Too far, too trafficky!  I found seven caches, and did not find three.  And apparently skipped one altogether.

Hey, I took a picture near one of the caches!  Looking south towards Otay Mesa and Mexico, we see the toll-road 125 crossing what I am going to call the Otay Valley, and which may in fact actually be named that.

Well, they are coming to light the pilot in the furnace tomorrow, so that will be swell.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 5 -- Xmas Day

I rode down to Spring Valley, as you may have read on my status post on the FB, and found me a geocache on a rusty ol' bridge, but not until after a great deal of looking, both to AND fro, and much reading of previous logs.  Not to mention much avoiding of horse poop.

On the way home I stopped in at Sunny Donuts and got a plain cake donut (spell check don't like that spelling) with a large coffee, to go.  I couldn't figure out the creamer situation, so I had it black.

I rode 12.82 miles today.

Here some things I need to get off my chest.

It rained back on the 19th, here's a pic from work:

Here is the final incarnation of the Zima blinking badge. I drew the reindeer myself! Click on the image to see the blinking animation in a way-too-large GIF of nearly a meg.

I shoved the bird bath over a foot so the water might warm in the sun and one of the gnomes fell on the ground and broke his behind.  Oh, gnooooome!

Last night we cruised San Diego and points east in search of Christmas lights and displays.  We found a great many, including a seizure inducing one on either Loma Alta or Vista Grande, I can't remember which, which was right up the street from a house that may possibly have every Christmas display item ever created, including what must be a twenty-foot reindeer on the roof.

Over in the Northmont area some people were setting off little hot-air balloons into the sky.  I made an iPhone movie of it, but it is remarkably dull and so I deleted it, so use your imagination.

Remind me to make a list of my favorite television shows of the past year.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day 4 -- Christmas (Holiday Vacation) Eve

I rode 10.5 miles today.  I went to take a picture at one point and accidentally started a panorama instead of a single image, so this is what you get.  Touch screens are difficult to operate wearing glove liners.

I took a shower (needed!), then went to the CU to cancel the VISA, as I'm pretty sure I didn't charge anything in Bellflower or one of the "I" states in the Heartland Of America, I can't remember which one.

KCRW streaming doesn't seem to work on the computer right now, so I am listening to KRNN streaming out of Juneau, Alaska.  Gotta love the internet!  But once again I find I am confusing Chris Isaak with Lyle Lovett.

That is about all I got for now!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Day Three Of Vacation

10.84 miles today.

Speaking of today, somehow I got the idea that today was Christmas Eve.

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