Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How Many Miles This Year?

Not many! 

Rode the bike to work today, probably 7 miles round trip.

I was tootling up Jackson when a cyclist passed me and remarked "The bike lane is sure crowded this morning!"   I got a chuckle out of that.

I was almost home, going through a parking lot after retrieving a geocache that needed some TLC when a car came up behind me in the wrong lane, passed me (wrong direction lane, mind you) stopped at a STOP sign and made a right turn in front of me.  All without even slowing down, not to mention stopping for the stop sign.  I said some naughty words to that car.

Mechanically, the front brake work OK, but needs some adjustment.  The rear brake needs replacement.  I bought that new seat a LONG time ago but have not installed it yet. 

I gonna take that cell phone mount off, it's not working out.  Too much junk on the dash and you can't read it anyway, what with the glare.  Maybe some sort of lanyard would be the hot setup.

Bike lights worked great!

Friday, July 10, 2015


I did NOT ride the bike today, but I DID replace the front brake pads and lubed rear brake cable.  I also had to move junk around in the garage so I wouldn't impale myself.  I really need to clean that place up, it is so depressing!

Today was my visit to the oncologist, he was impressed that I road the bike to work on that special day, and I believe the woman who took blood out of my arm was similarly impressed.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 31, 2015


Well, that's a very bad pun, if even that.  I have a "sore butt" from riding this morning.

I rode in a Big Loop through Mission Gorge, Santee, and El Cajon.  Here we see the author on the Fr. J. Serra Trail looking (through the camera) at South Fortuna, and marveling that at one time he was clambering around some of them rocks up there looking for a certain geocache.

I took Prospect to avoid all the Santee/Mission Gorge Road death-hassle.  I good plan, until I found they are STILL working on Prospect over by the airport.  The detour guy let me along the construction area, on the sidewalk (radio his fellow guy down the road), which was VERY nice, but I had to be VERY careful.  But I made it.

I rode through El Cajon looking for various caches, and not finding the.  Except for this one, I found this one easily, and it was a very pretty spot, not far from the lake.  ; )

I finished up the ride by going down the main drag for a half-mile so as to add up to an additional mile by the distance I got home, and hence be EXACTLY at twenty-five miles for the day.  Except I was three-hundredths short so I rode down the block a couple of house and back.  Perfect!

The odometer reads 12,745 miles at the end of the day.  Somebody write that down.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Bike To Work Day, For Reals

I managed another ride to work this morning, on the official day.  I wore my baggy'n'saggy Lycra shorts, and my Fighting For Susan pink jersey.  I stopped at my traditional Bike To Work Day refueling station, at my ol' alma mater, but this year they didn't recognize me.  Probably because I took the basket off Jamis.  I got a tee shirt, a cup of coffee, and a Clif Bar.

I had offered the library for bicycle parking and a changing room, and at seven a couple of people showed up.  Yay!  They parked and changed and went off to work.

After lunch we got together and took a group picture.  How great is that?

Do I not look reflective?  And what is wrong with my arms?  Yikes!  At least I'm not frowning!

The students were rewarded this afternoon for their outstanding efforts with a show by three BMX professionals.  It was pretty good, even educational in parts, but the best part was a rider jumping over Mr. C's head.

The riders had a amusing setup before the jump, including "misteaks".  My tummy was sore from laughing!

Well, I made it home safely and in total managed to put twenty miles on Jamis this week.  Probably should oil the chain.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thor's Day To Work

I rode the bike to work today as a sort of pre Bike To Work Day bike to work.  I took off the basket yesterday, charged the rear light up, and put the pannier on the front rack.  This morning I loaded up the pannier and headed off to work.  The neighbor said hi, he was biking off to work, too.  Except he was going to Clairemont, quite a bit farther away, and quite a bit more difficult than my little ride.

I didn't have any problems on the way.  Well, most of the way.  I was almost there when I decided it would be fun to ride with no hands, something I have done many times.  Well, I found that riding no hands with a loaded pannier on one side of the front fork rack is a VERY bad idea.

Fortunately I went up one driveway and down another.  Otherwise I would have been flat on my face and surely hurt.  Scare me good, but I'm especially glad no one was around to see it!!

The obligatory selfie, at work.

I rode just over seven miles today.  That makes this a seven-mile month, so far!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Last Thursday

I DID ride the Jamis to work on Thursday, for 8-some miles round trip.  Many people were amazed to see it parked in the library-in-exile.  I even rode it around the room for a bit, a student caught me at it and videoed it, sure to be on Youtube any day now.'

I certainly enjoy this entirely seasonable weather we are having.  Santa Anas in April?  

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Saturday Drive'n'Bike

I went geocaching this morning, quite early I spent an hour looking for the first cache, and did not find it.  But I found this hummingbird nest, with a humming bird in it!

(Image file size 334K)

And a forlorn piece of camo tape.

(Image file size 100k)

Next I drove to another cache, and didn't find that one.  After that I parked at the 82nd Aero Squadron (don't tell!) and rode the bike down the street to search for and actually FIND a cache.  Yay, first find of the day!

I biked back to the vehicle and drove over to Tierrasanta. I found one cache there, but I forgot my pen, and later forgot to go back to sign the log, so I don't get credit for that one, YET!  But at least I know where it is!

I established a base of operations at a tiny park on the mushroom street. Then biked up the 52 bike path.

 (Image file size 332K)

It was nearly two miles to the cache I wanted to find.  It was a pretty easy find, but biking up the grade was a bit of a chore, but by far the worst thing is the noise of the traffic.  It's very oppressive.

(Image file size a measly 46K)

I highly recommend Spam.  I ate it all last week, except for pizza days.  Spam is an excellent source of protein, fat, and possibly salt, I'm not sure.  I suggest frying it and serving on hot tortillas covered with melted cheese.  And while I didn't have any, I bet sour cream would be good!

Coasting back down the 52 is rather more pleasant.  I headed down a side street and saw this guy getting ready to head out.  I asked to take his picture, and right after this he fired it up.  It set off the alarm in that truck there.  Oh, did you notice the Corvair van in the background?

(Image file size 431K)

After making the quick'n'easy find just off this street I pedaled back to the mushroom street.  A young lad playing hoops yelled out that there sure were a lot of bicyclists out today.

I rode out and back up the mushroom street, finding three more caches.  I got back to the vehicle, loaded up the bike, and headed to Santee.

I parked at the parking lot for the park on Carlton Hills and rode the bike under the bridge to the west.  There is a nice trail going along for a bit, then it turns into a "future trail", which is presently a dirt road/path, along the perimeter of the golf course.  I got to ground zero for my targeted cache, and finally found it in the third most likely spot.  So that went well!

I talked to M. while I was heading back and we make plans to go buy stuff.  But I had one more cache to look for.

I drove over to one location, an EVIL location, as the cache there had been eluding me for the three times I had tried to find it.  Well, this time I spotted it in about five minutes.  So that went well, too!

(Image file size an even smaller 36K)

I went home a showered, then M. came and we went shopping.  I got dental floss, bird seed, paper towels, and a pair of tongs.  Not all at the same store location, but the same store name.  I may have left the tongs in the car, though, I shall have to look.

I rode 9.17 miles today and the odometer after it was all over and parked in the garage said 12,691 miles.

Thanks for reading this!

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